SK Teh
Me and my pug daughter Puffy

I’m SK Teh, a passionate health, beauty and lifestyle enthusiast. I started writing 10 years ago and I loved it since day one. I started of with this website on year 2007 under website http://blog.toto-bobo.com and http://sstwo-mall.com. I started to interest with blog and doing my own website using wordpress and its it become my new hobby. But due to¬† my busy working schedule, and I quit blogging

Now I am back actively on year 2017, I am currently working as a Facebook Agency under my own company SK STUDIO DESIGN manage for my customer’s portal and facebook marketing. I am more freelance and work on my own and manage my own time and able to spend more time with my family and friends.

The way that this lifestyle has benefited me has been truly amazing and the best part of all this experience has been seeing others inspired by me and my blog.

I hope you discover a lot of useful information here, so please enjoy your stay!