Infused with Egg White Protein and Egg Yolk Oil to help the overall restoration of hair, reduce the amount of sebum in scalp and prevent hair loss. The formula also contains Vitamin B5, to effectively restore vitality and reconstruct dry and damaged hair to a healthy and silky smooth condition. This Scentio The Egg Treatment Mask will leave your hair cleansed, looking healthily soft and shine.

How to use:
Apply on hair and massage for 10-15min, wash with water, suitable to use in hair-steamer.

  • Products for Treatment Mask formula.
  • Hair deeply The special feature of Albumin-rich amino acids and 18 kinds of Vitamin B5 nourish dry hair back to its original shiny and moisturized.
  • Enriched by oil, egg yolk Nourishes the scalp And soft hair Reduce it to the scalp And lack of hair loss and Wheat Amino Acids Complex enhancing flexibility. And strength to hair Help me shiny.
  • Look healthy every day.