I and lots of other all-natural practitioners firmly believe that that ITP and most cancers are all connected to a degree. The all stem from serious inflammation and a breakdown of the immune method. The body is a entire organism and it can take an all out war on any doable offending culprit or culprits. Apart from taking items to maximize our overall health and maximize platelets, we also have to clear away people items out of our lifetime that may be leading to us hurt, and then give the body a probability to heal alone. We are a very wonderful self therapeutic organism provided 50 % the probability.

Right here is a easy list of fifteen steps you can choose to help heal your ITP

Get rid of as lots of chemical harmful toxins as I potentially could from my body treatment items and my dwelling. The poisonous load the human race is carrying is at epic proportions and we ended up not created to tolerate all of these substances.

Enhance your uptake of high excellent health supplements especially Coenzyme Q10, selenium, zinc, melatonin, vitamin a,d and e. Get a independent Vitamin B3 (Niacinimide) health supplement. B3 has anticancer/anti inflammation qualities.

I would choose a mega daily dose of ascorbic acid – 12 grams if you can tolerate it. Ascorbic acid shields plasma lipids towards oxidative injury, destroying cost-free radicals. Ascorbic acid also decreases the toxicity of medicines applied in chemo and lessens the outcomes of radiation.

Get rid of all dairy items from your diet program

Try to eat at the very least a few Raw cloves of garlic a day. (chop it up and put on every thing)

Prevent sugar like the plague. That also implies any detail with high fructose corn syrup in it. It is in fact poison to your method. Use honey sparingly or use stevia.

Get rid of all refined grains from your diet program. Eg: processed breads, cereals, white rice etc. Totally remove all wheat items both refined or unrefined.

Prevent all foods additives

Get a fantastic probiotic health supplement

Try to eat at the very least 60% of your diet program in raw foodstuff. If possible organic. (In other words and phrases eat as close to all-natural as you potentially can. If it’s processed steer obvious! Try to eat easy foods mixtures. EG: a inexperienced salad, with a piece of grilled chicken or lean meat with some brown rice or a steamed vegetable. Hold it easy and quick on your digestion.

Consume a daily new juiced inexperienced drink of organic carrots, wheat grass and any other inexperienced vegetable that you may have. Celery is fantastic but make positive that just one is unquestionably organic as it retains any pesticides with in the membranes (in other words and phrases, the pesticides you should not clean off). Insert some raw cacao to your drink.( It has thirty instances the anti-oxidants of inexperienced tea.)

Consume 50 % of your my body fat in ounces of pure h2o that has no fluoride or chlorine in it. A squeeze of new lemon juice in the h2o will help flush out the harmful toxins and alkalize your method.

Get a incredibly fantastic excellent cod liver oil or flax seed health supplement in liquid type, not capsules (despite the fact that there are some models of fish oil capsules that are fantastic – be positive to do your study however.)

Get a mushroom capsule health supplement. Not any mushrooms however. Seem for a health supplement that contains the next:




Cloud (coriolus)


four to 8 capsules a day with h2o. These mushrooms are really high in glyconutrients and are just one of the real superfoods readily available. The help balance out the immune method, and have even been known to help heal most cancers as effectively as other autoimmune conditions.

As a aspect be aware…the most important problem about any of these automobile immune ailments which includes itp and most cancers is that if you you should not definitely obtain out what the root bring about is, you can expect to under no circumstances be equipped to heal correctly. All your fantastic intentions may not be ample if you you should not know what it is that is leading to the breakdown in your method. It is even doable that your body may just be intolerant to a little something that is perceived to be fantastic for you. Almost nothing beats understanding That is why I was so grateful that I identified my naturopath who employs dna screening and large metal screening so I could get to the base of Viv’s ITP.