EDeox Detox

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E Deox (E Detox EGH) is an alkaline body detoxification product, it is the latest technology development of healthy alkaline slimming product. It can effectively achieve weight loss, easy detoxification, anti-aging, enhance the immune system, desalination stubborn stains, remove bad breath, make you body have a clean, smooth inner environment, make you keep on distribute with young and healthy spirit, energetic always.

E Deox is 100% Organic, No Added Preservation, No Added Artificial Colouring, Safe to Consume and ensure Excellent Results!

E Detox (E Deox) Benefits

1) Maintain Healthy Digest System
2) Enhance Immune System
3) Promote Blood Circulation
4) Promote Urination, Treat Edema
5) Intestinal Detoxification, Improve obesity
6) Relieve Constipation and Bloating
7) Reduce Body Odor and Bad Breath

Direction of Usage
Mix 1 sachet of E Detox (E Deox) 15g with water 250ml stir well and consume immediately. Consume E Deox before bedtime.

15gm x 18 sachet

Dimension of the Box
210 x 118 x 70

Certification : KKM & SGS Report


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